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2023 30 Day

better-every-day Challenge

october 23 - november 22, 2023

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In partnership with

How it works


The YEG Lifestyle Group is once again hosting a fitness program, in partnership with The Den Fitness.  The goal? Improving health going in to winter 2023!  No Excuses!  So often as the winter months creep in and the sunlight wanes, we put on layers of clothing (and fat) as a seasonal change to deal with the elements.  To combat this with a positive mindset, we are starting a 30 day "Better Every Day" Challenge.

As part of the challenge, we will be partnering with The Den Fitness for Youtube content to be featured on our Fit.Into.Lifestyle Youtube channel.  These videos will contain workout and diet tips and tricks featuring seasoned competitors, trainers, body builders, physique and bikini competitors.

Registration gets you participation in the 30 Day challenge and exclusive access to large group of like minded, supportive, enthusiastic people in a private group chat.  As a fun additional bonus, there will be random prize draws and other perks throughout the 30 day challenge.

Check out Fit.Into.Lifestyle on Youtube where you can look for regular content uploads, inspirationals and motivationals, as well as workout routines, fitness advice and gains.

The $10 registration fee will go to our food bank effort and feeding the unhoused community.



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