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building a better community



The YEG Lifestyle Group was created by a small group of Edmontonians who know first hand the positive impact a sense of community and support can have on the livelihood of both businesses and individuals.

It is a pay-it-forward movement designed to create a culture in our city that will help all Edmontonians prosper through education, networking, charitable efforts, and support for our friends and neighbors.

To live the #yeglifestyle is to support our city, community, and citizens.

Second Hand Store


Each business in our directory is listed there because they are just as passionate as we are about giving back. They are owned & operated by locals who want to return the support they receive from their fellow Edmontonians.

As part of the YLG community, these businesses help us provide:

- Exclusive discount program for YLG members at YLG businesses.

- Seminars hosted by local industry experts on a wide range of topics including finance, real estate, mental health, entrepreneurship, and more.

- Impactful charitable contributions to organizations such as the Edmonton Food Bank and the Kids With Cancer Society.

- And more to come as our community continues to grow.



YLG members are people who are interested in providing themselves and those around them with a better quality of life.

They are passionate about giving back to our city and keeping their hard-earned dollars where they belong. In our city, supporting our local economy, and providing support for our neighbors in need.

They are lifelong learners who are looking to expand their horizons, in a personal and/or professional capacity. 

Colleagues Working Together

Join the movement

When you join the YEG Lifestyle Group as either a business or an individual, you are joining a network of people who are forward-thinking, community-oriented, and passionate about creating a culture of support in Edmonton. 

It is an initiative unlike any other designed to invigorate the local economy and allow Edmontonians to learn, grow and prosper.

Together we can create real and lasting change that will benefit all of us for generations to come.

looking to find out more?

Click on one of the buttons below to find out more about what the YEG Lifestyle group does and what it means to join as a business or individual.

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